Our project - "Puppet Theater" for the children continues Integration through intercultural puppet theater
The puppet theater plays an important role in the moral and aesthetic education of children. Participation in the puppet theater developed with the children imagination, memory, logical thinking, artistic skills, acquaints with a lot of children's fairy tales, contributes to the development of sociability at that develops motor skills of hands and fingers, as well as the movement behavior of the child.

During the work on the idea that children concerted actions, taking responsibility for each other, the ability to learn, their own desires to subordinate the interests of the group. The contents of puppetry performances varies by the child's experience, the relationship of the children to the phenomena shown in the presentation makes this the educational component. It is very important to be an example for the children of the younger school age, of friendship, of understanding, resourcefulness and bravery.
The activities in the puppet theater contribute to the expansion of the horizon of the children, the increase of emotional culture and the culture of thinking, the formation of beliefs and ideals.
The idea playing, the children transform into various shapes, learn to express feelings in word intonation. Thus, children learn to perceive the psychological expressiveness of speech.
The objectives of the project:


The inclusion of children in the creative process , discovering and developing their skills .
The appropriation of the top skills of artistic activity ;
The development of artistic - creative abilities of children in the course of collective work ;
Education to emotional understanding , as well as diligence, perseverance , precision and the sense of mutual aid .
The tasks of the project :
The formation of the practical skills of creative activity of children .
Development of culture and art of speech
Training of memory performance .
The stage-ready presentation to an audience.

Rehearsals are 2 times a week , on Mondays and Tuesdays 15:00 to 4:30 p.m. instead .
Interested parties are welcome again "to-learn-in".

The children also have opportunity to learn to play the piano.
The children from different countries like to visit these lessons and have achieved very good results. For example: Stanislaw and Teodora Demirovic, Anastasia Grozdanovska, Amalija Jajic and Nicola Bislimovic from Serbia, Sara Milia from Romania, Oumar Galaev from Russia, Maria and Darius Polyanov, Diana and Nikita Schefner and Polina Batschurina of repatriates families who live in Germany for a long time.
Many viewers have been able to admire the ability of children at various events. The children have occurred in front of guests and parents in the Old Home "PRO VITA" in the transitional home, the multigenerational house and in our conveyance.
Parents support their children very much and also visit all events. We have a very good contact with the parents and also organize tea and coffee afternoons.
Through these events, we want to establish and expand the contacts with other families of migrants.
Valentina Ustenko

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