kinderfest 2016 Plakat webThanks to co-of the International Children's Day
The International Children's Festival for all children Apolda on 1 June on the sports field "On the face margin" despite the rain was a complete success. Bright children's faces were a first reward for everyone involved. Initiated by the Apoldaer Left Party soon found themselves very committed colleagues. This we would hereby like to express our heartfelt thanks.
You have as sponsors (Kersten Steinke MP, Sabine Berninger MdL, Dr. Dieter Block and Dr. Erika Block, and the Left Party), made as a supervisor at the stations and for the physical well.
For we are greatly indebted to the toy retailer Parpart, the office business Meinhardt and Gutena which roofed us with additional donations.
Firefighters, Red Cross, IFAP and the Women's and Family Centre contributed with their offers significantly to the success of the party.
The Kreissportbund a thank you for the assistance for building the sports equipment.
Thanks for the conveyance integration and the alliance "Colourful Weimarer Land" for the wonderful posters.
Even senior GEW were actively involved, also the Social round table. Thanks also to them.
A special thanks to the high school students who integrated with their teachers Mr. Anders and Mr. Baumbach volunteered as a caregiver, down and reconstruction workers and tasks into the action.
So much dedication and cooperation makes you want to new projects.

On behalf of the organizing team

Doris Hüttenrauch