Our project "Integration by music"


In recent years, the promotion of our project by the Sparkassenstiftung was Weimar Weimarer Land to part us, which made the implementation of the applied project for children possible. It is now to give thanks for the help and support and also to give a review of the objectives achieved at the end of the funding period.
The music has a very positive effect on the development of children. The music education affects the development of intelligence, creativity, language, thinking skills, and the child's personality as a whole. Especially the music shows the children how to the environment and harmonious society can be better and more sensitive.
The music has a great aesthetic and spirit forming value and is a part of human self-realization. She teaches children not to be indifferent, is the idea of ​​the beauty of nature in daily life and traditions.
Our musical project provides for the holistic study of the children in different directions. Here the age particularities of the children are taken into account.
Classes are held 2 times a week. This instruction includes dancing, singing songs, music games and listening to music. The children learn composers know Musicians and Music History.
Last year also children came to us from the age of five.
With the great interest they realize the world of music, hear the songs, learn the dance moves, the musical games and much else. For the first time the children the Russian folk instruments such as the tambourine, triangle (triangle) and wooden spoon got to know.
Many viewers have been able to admire the efforts and ability of children to various events. The children have performed in the old people's home "Pro Vita", in the transitional home and in our Förderkreis before the guests and parents.
The New Dance "Jablotschko" in the performance of Ivan and Nikola Beslimovic Schiller has our guests loved it. The guys have a lot of practicing.
Polina Bachurin has the very beautiful song "Wide" listed and scored a standing ovation. Polina often delights us with beautiful ballet numbers.
Parents support their children very much and also visit all events. We have a very good contact with the parents and also organize tea and coffee afternoons.
Through these events, we want to make the contacts with other families of migrants. Especially the families Bachurin, Polyjanow, Lyssykh, Funkner are very active and cooperative.
Since 2010, our group of children has many appearances performed, for example,

  • Every other month Altenheim "Pro Vita" (birthday parties)
  • Youth Meeting (Katharinenweg 43)
  • DRK nursing home Apolda 
  • North multigenerational family and women's center (Bahnhofstrasse)
  • Cultural Centre (BC -Zimmermann-Str..)
  • FKI Apolda transitional residence Apolda

Children of different ages have participated:
3-5 years        5 children
6-10 years      24 children
10-15 years    11 children

About the children and the parents were involved in the integration work, hence the seed is sown for a continuous further work. We would like to thank all parents for help. Our center is always open for children and their parents.
Thank Sparkassenstiftung Weimar Weimar country for promoting heartily, we were able to boost the integration and heart open for a cooperation in our region.

Apolda, in April 2014

Valentina Ustenko                                           Dr. Ernst-Michael Christoph
(Project Manager)                                                      (Managing Director)

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