collage konferenz 2 webLiving under the rule of Covid 19

The first day of the appearance of the corona virus has passed, the cake, which was prepared for his birthday and life with the rules of violence fenced in under the pressure of tomorrow, has been consumed. Surrounded by restrictions and fear of the virus, we slowly gave up socializing, vacations, visiting, and meeting a group of friends.

If we even managed to make masks against the virus last year, this year this little escape hatch doesn't even exist, the government has only regulated the use of surgical masks and FFP 2 masks.

Due to these regulations, our meetings in connection with our project had to be stopped and only reduced to online meetings. It's not the best solution, but at least we'll get to see each other and discuss our future plans and current achievements.

The meeting on March 21, 2021 was attended by those who were involved, where possible, in the conception and development of new models, accessories and the planning of various events.

The conference was chaired by Ms. Melinda Miclaus with the participation of Ms. Natalia Leahu as project implementation manager, Ms. Reed Dabagh, who is responsible for new models of clothing and accessories, Ms. Rafah Badawi, who is responsible for matching jewelry. Mr. Manuel Miclaus is responsible for the technical part, delivery, planning and implementation of events.

At the opening of the online session, we discussed the achievements of 2020. With the good and bad parts, we discussed the models created, the photo shoot session, and the masks for various institutions in the city and county.


As part of the plans for 2021, the instructions to be followed and the instructions for the “explosion of colors” were discussed. Due to the fact that the procurement budget is limited, the possibility of buying material as cheaply as possible was discussed. To accomplish this task it is necessary to work together and do as much research as possible on the internet.

In order to make the collection as diverse as possible, the associated accessories must be designed in addition to these models: scarf, t-shirt, pants, bag, etc.

At the same time there was discussion about creating a pair of clothing lines, “T-shirts for her and for him”. Due to the fact that the vast majority of the participants in this project are designers, it was chosen to create patterns that are easy to sew.

Another point reached during the discussions was the "Teddy Bear Project Bad Sulza". Participants look forward to giving these wonderful gifts.

During the Maschenfest (May 15, 2021, Paulinenpark), the exact time assigned to the fashion show and the location with the logistics in connection with the show must be set up.

In general, the atmosphere during the discussion was relaxed and it was possible to read in the attitudes of the participants the hope for a more open future with the transition of this pandemic and the hope for a speedy return to the daily routine.