Infection numbers seem to be slowly declining in Germany.
But despite all the easing, we all have to stay vigilant.
Keep in mind that the pandemic is only just starting to gain momentum.
Therefore our recommendation: use the Corona warning app

Help us - voluntarily and anonymously!
To date, over 15 million people in Germany have downloaded the Corona warning app.

With the official Corona warning app, everyone can help to break through infection chains quickly. Because: It turns the smartphone into a warning system. The app informs us when we have been in contact with demonstrably infected people. It protects us and our fellow human beings. And our privacy. Because the app knows neither our name nor our location.
The installation and use of the Corona app is voluntary and it works like this:

  • Download - Download the Corona Warning app from the App Store or Google Play. You do not have to enter any personal information.
  • Risk assessment - If you get close to other people, pseudonymized codes are exchanged via Bluetooth.
  • Warning - As soon as an encounter in the last 14 days anonymously reports a positive test result, you will be warned.
  • Recommendation - With the warning, the app gives you clear recommendations for further behavior.

Thank you for your solidarity. Only together can we successfully fight the pandemic.


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