»unknown land under the plow …«

ImpulsRegion, Jan, 2020

25 years ago, an adventurous company started for five people in Bad Sulza. 25 years ago, an adventurous company started for five people in Bad Sulza.
Mr. E.-M. Christoph, Mr. H.Ruhla, Mr. A. Speiser, Mr. G. Weise, and Ms. U. Franzke had decided to found a non-profit association for the integration of late repatriates. None of the founding members of the integration support group had experience in what had to be done and observed. They were all teachers who taught in different languages. What this decision to break new ground actually meant was only gradually becoming clear. What bureaucratic hurdles had to be overcome, who can you contact the municipal administration in Bad Sulza for, who can help with the proper administration of finances? Neuland everywhere. The most important thing for the founding members was the new residents of the Emsenmühle, for whom they had assumed responsibility.
Here contacts were needed for all the worries that a person has when he leaves his home. For him, everything is new in the still foreign country. He needs help in many areas. German classes had to be organized, children had to be registered in school, and kindergarten places were needed. A close collaboration with the city representatives began, and this is where the trusting collaboration with the responsible employee of the Weimarer Land district social service, Mr. Rauch, began. Many helpers were added over the years, so the tasks could be distributed. If you gave all the names, a long list would come out. The association integration also went through difficult times.
Sometimes it was not certain that he could continue to exist at all. The difficulties became very big at times. But the board and the employees learned a lot, especially from the defeats. The Integration Association still exists today. The tasks have essentially not changed, only those looking for help. Today they come from different countries with different traditions and cultures. Again there was new territory that had to be cultivated. For the club's team of advisors, which has grown in the meantime, new tasks always arise. But the employees can draw on years of experience of the board and many long-term helpers. All tasks that arise can only be mastered in good cooperation. We wish the association further success in the integration of asylum seekers. The tasks and requirements will change again and again and may become even more difficult. But the employees have shown that they are well equipped for these tasks. So we wish the Integration e. V. continue to be very successful in his work.

Ursula Franzke