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Förderkreis Integration (FKI) celebrates its 25th anniversary

TA on December 21, 2019, by Sascha Margon

Apolda. What started 25 years ago in the Emsenwehren in Bad Sulza has now become a fixed and indispensable pillar of integration work in the city and district. The Förderkreis Integration (FKI) celebrated its silver anniversary with numerous guests on Friday.
In her speech, Ursula Franzke, former chair of the support group, remembered the beginning: “At that time we were three Russian teachers who loved this language and culture. Together we took care of a total of 60 late repatriates in the facility in the Emsenwehren in Bad Sulza ”. A lot of work with administrations, authorities and the law has been behind the founders since then. Over the years, the experience came and the work of the support group was steadily progressing.
Although there were moments when everything was on the brink, as Franzke remembers. The members had to bridge some time, sometimes with private money. The high level of responsibility was always associated with great joy, Franzke sums up, who is still at the support group as a consultant and said on Friday: “I am given a friendly life when I come here. That's nice."
District Administrator Christiane Schmidt-Rosa thanked all members of the support group for their tireless efforts. Integration of political asylum seekers is anchored in the Basic Law. Receiving people in need is a duty and testifies to human respect for vulnerable men, women and children. In addition, curiosity about other people also expands their view of their own things, says the district administrator.
In his speech, Mayor Rüdiger Eisenbrand recalled that the Förderkreis has become an indispensable partner in the joint work of city and country in recent years. Welcome culture as a club goal is a valuable commodity and at the same time elementary work for a good integration of people into everyday cultural, social and professional life, in addition to regular campaigns such as participation in the week against racism, the Talents Campus or the newly launched city tournament on the Kirschberg, the work of the sponsorship group lies primarily in advising asylum seekers on administrative procedures, arranging language courses or providing legal advice.
The support group also organizes festivals, excursions and various projects.
As a thank you, there were two soccer goals from the city of Apolda on Friday for the sports field on the Kirschberg and new balls from the district sports association.