eckolstedtAlways life in the booth
by CS Hesse, published at Jul 28, 2020 in IMPULS

Aneta Toskoski and Ferial Hasan help and supervise

The children's voices cannot be ignored. The card game unites the four boys and girls in an interesting way. Most of the time the two “big ones” also play along. The children are happy to take Aneta Toskoski and Ferial Hasan into their midst. After all, they opened the club rooms in Eckolstädt two months ago with the help of the state program for Solidarity between the Generations (LSZ) in the Weimarer Land district and have long since made them a meeting place for young and old. The declared aim is to help Kurdish, Turkish and Arab families who need support with the extracurricular care and upbringing of their children, but also to provide cultural orientation.

The committed employees get support for the project "New Families in Orientation" from the Integration Network, which has developed through active cooperation between associations and institutions. And the local children can also take part in the diverse cultural and sporting life in the region. The youngest “club-goers” use the homework help as well as games and fun, painting and handicrafts. Thanks to a good cooperation with the Wormstedt School, the two project leaders have the current state of knowledge and the learning needs of their "children". And the “club doors” are open to anyone interested from Monday to Thursday from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Looking for proposals for the Weimarer Land integration award

We look forward to suggestions for the awarding of the integration prize on September 29, 2020 for an individual or association.

Suitable proposals with justification must be submitted by August 15, 2020 to the Förderkreis Integration, Stobraer Straße 2, 99510 Apolda or to the District Office Weimarer Land, Sozialamt, SG Ausländer, Asyl, Bahnhofstraße 28, 99510 Apolda.