eng-stadtfki logo01Cooperation and projects despite Corona
20/26/2021, Official Journal Apolda, Weimarer Land district

As reported in the last official journal, our region has two committed cities with Apolda and Bad Sulza since July 1st, 2020. A third important partner for promoting civic engagement is the Weimarer Land district - both in coordination with the employees of the volunteer center and in cooperation with the relevant departments. This collaboration has borne its first fruits.

  • A first mutual success is the award of the pilot project “Strengthening local engagement structures to support families with small children in stressful situations” in cooperation with all 3 partners in the Eckolstädt community. The applicant was the committed city of Apolda. In terms of content, the pilot project expands the possibilities of the LSZ program “Family Support”. “Orientation towards new families” of the district's “Family 2020/21” technical plan. This competition, which is only offered to committed cities and financed by the auridis Foundation, is carried out by the support group Integration and is supported by the social planning department of the district. This procedure could well serve as a blueprint for similar stored solutions in the district area.

  • Even if there is currently no direct personal meeting, the preparations for the 2nd Apoldaer Maschenfest on May 15, 2021 continue unchanged. It is under the motto “A fleet of meshes around the neck”. We are still looking for groups or individuals from the region who want to participate with knitted, crocheted, felted, decorated or colored scarves, shawls or jewelry. More at https://engagementnetzwerk.de. However, it remains to be seen whether the event can take place as planned due to the pandemic situation.

  • About the citizens' project WendeZeitZeugen: So far, the “Chronology of the events in Apolda from October 1989 to June 1990” was only available online via the project website https://wendezeitzeugen.de Now it is available in printed form free of charge in the GlockenStadtMuseum. There are currently plans to continue the chronology for the second half of 1990 based on newspaper research and a school project with suitable youth films from the GDR and the FRG.

  • On the ongoing topic of the GlockenStadtMuseum: Here the committed city has offered those responsible in the city of Apolda to organize the public participation that has been mentioned several times. The aim is to build on the experiences from the open citizens 'get-togethers for the state horticultural show as well as the citizens' projects within the framework of Apolda 900 years. An answer is still pending. In addition, the committed city supports an initiative group of the Freundeskreis Museum, which aims to use the old bell foundry as a museum. For more information, go to https://glockenstadtmuseum.de.

Hans-Werner Preuhsler
Förderkreis Integration e.V.
Project coordinator for the committed city of Apolda