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eng-stadtlogo regio genossen evThe “Committed City” program continues

After the Initiative Regional-genossenschaft eV, as the supporting organization for the “Engaged City” in Apolda, did valuable work as a coordinator in the first two phases from 2015 to 2020, the sponsorship approached the support group at the beginning of the third phase on July 1st, 2020 linguistic, professional and cultural integration in Thuringia eV. Current information on the Dedicated City program can be found at COMMITTED CITY (also click on the left image)

The project coordinator Hans-Werner Preuhsler has prepared this step well in coordination with the city administration and the two associations involved in the application for the third phase (Apoldaer Brunnen-Verein e.V., bbb Bildung Beratung Beratung Zusammenarbeit e.V.). Mr. Preuhsler and Ms. Karima Khemissi will continue to be available as one of the project coordinators.

A tandem partnership with the rural community of Bad Sulza is planned. The decision on project funding is made in mid-June. The aim - together but independently - with Apolda is to promote the promotion of civic engagement. The project experiences of the network partners of this nationwide program are used.