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High honour for the FKI
Award of Merit


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The Association Sponsors for linguistic, professional and cultural integration in Thuringia is now carriers of the medal for outstanding service to the city of Apolda ".

Awarded was this applause at the recent City Council meeting on behalf of the club at Ernst-Michael Christoph and colleagues. The club has existed for 20 years. Mid-1990s, the club had initially taken up in Bad Sulza his work to train resettlers different ages linguistically, to facilitate their integration into German society.
2007, established the association with a meeting center in the Robert-Koch-Straße.

The integration work has been gradually expanded. Meanwhile, it has the domicile in the Stobraer Straße 2; quasi midst of refugees, which the Club dedicated to long reinforced them urn special in language teaching, but also the mediation of many everyday things to be of valuable assistance. To allow migrants to live on social participation, and that's the point. From the city of Apolda the club in 2012 was entrusted to the sports facility "Kirschberg" as a training and sports facility.
In his speech, Mayor Rudiger Eisenbrand said among other things: ". Integration into everyday life is an elementary task The need for counseling and support for migrants is very high The Presidium works to ensure that these people find their way ...." The Club is a continuous partner in the Local Action Plan Apolda with transfer to district Weimarer Land ', so Eisenbrand; He particularly emphasized:. Pilot project, the involvement and active participation in action days about the racism-week or "We for Democracy - day and night for tolerance" It also states: Germany needs a welcoming culture with the association that this demand is a long time in. the association aims and can be experienced. "